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#Hydroponics is a process of growing vegetables and fruits using mineral rich water and without soil. Register for our workshops using below link to become a proud farmer yourself!

Upcoming Online Hydroponics Training

12th July, 2020 (Sunday) (ENGLISH)

19th July, 2020 (Sunday) (ENGLISH)


What We Do

Hands on workshops on Hydroponics

We will teach you how to get started with farming and how to succeed eventually. We provide hands-on training on Hydroponics / Soilless farming.

Upcoming training shcedule

Farm Setup and Equipments

We help you setup your farm of any scale, balconies, terrace or farm land. We supply Equipments, Grow mediums and water soluble Nutrients.

We supply fresh, poison free veggies through subscription model. Vegetables are grown using soil-less method.

For more details : 8762162045

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Why You’ll Love Us

We educate people to grow the right thing in right way. We provide Customized solutions to suit your requirements of any scale.

  • Hand holding
  • Growing together
  • Community farming
  • Plant nutrients (100% water soluble)
  • Equipments

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“One of the best”

Genuinely one of the best workshops I’ve attended. Mr. Guru is an excellent instructor and very friendly. His explanation was very clear, well-structured and easy to understand. Finally i love the Food!!!!

Sapna P.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Great support”

I got a clear direction about my dream of starting a sustainable agricultural start up. As I today harvest my second set of produce I feel very thankful to Belesiri, I wouldn’t have done it without you.

Nikki Soman

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Truth based training”

Mr Guruprasad is a very approachable person to start with has a very unconventional way of approach that is easily understood by laymen. BeLesiri is the place to learn and aproach hydrophonic farming in India. A very insightful and truth based training with no false hopes. A wonderful human and a intellectual teacher.

Vishak Nagarajan

Live conversation with Actor, Director and Producer of Kannada Film Industry, Pawan Kumar about Belesiri
A special video released on the occasion of Women’s day 2020

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22 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hello Shri.Guruprasad ji,
    Im Sagar and m frm hubli.
    I have been growing some vegetables plants at my home garden as a hobby and now i have been going tbrough lot of videos and articles about hrdroponics /soiless farming.
    I have a 8acre rain dependant land wherein i wish to start soil less farming gowing green vegetables in a portion of the land along with regular cultivation.
    Though i m not from farming background but,now past a few years, have developed some kind of interest / satsifaction in growing plants and understaning the life of nature.
    I wanted to know about the next training session being conducted

  2. Hai sir..I am Sreejith from Calicut, Kerala. I would like to know that,when will be the next 5 days class at Mysore..?

    1. Sreejith, thanks for writing to us and showing interest in our workshop. We haven’t planned any dates so far due to covid situation. However, as of now you can attend our online session and get started. We will provide handholding.

      1. Hello sir, I am from Mangalore. I want to start hydroponic farming. I need your support to get the training

  3. I don’t know if this the right platform to ask my question but I wanted to know is a science background a must in learning Hydroponics ?

    1. Also an addition to this.Am doing my bachelors in Liberal Arts and wanted to pursue Hydroponics.As a potential career prospect.Can I please get some guidance on how to go further about it.It would be immensely appreciated and valued

      1. Hi Shivraj, thanks for reaching out to us! More than anything else passion is a must to be successful in farming! You can join our beginner level training program and get started. We will guide you further. Here is my contact 8762162045 in case you need any clarifications.

  4. I would love to….When can I get started, what is the procedure and can i get additional details for the beginner level training program

  5. Hi sir myself shyam.
    I have no idea about hydroponics ,farming is what I wish to do. Then after I was searching for new technologies in farming and got as growing without soil , pollution free and at less water. Then it made me think deep about it. I started reading some articles , the article by U.S national park service made me some conclusions about the growing but lacking of something which makes me to stop for investing on hydroponics farming. I need your suggestions for this and help me in growing of plants through hydroponics technology.
    Thank you sir

  6. Hi Sir myself Shreyas.
    I am son of a farmer I completed my engineering and after that what all have I done is wasting time suddenly I started searching about various type of farming then I came here.Only thing that there is a single online class but how can we just learn in a day and when is the kannada session available.

    1. Namaskara Shreyas,
      I am glad that you are planning to be a farmer! Yes you are right… one day is not enough to learn farming. Not even a year! It will be a life long learning. One session we conduct is just a begnining. We will hand hold you after this online session so that you can understand a complete grow cycle while practicing the technic from where you live. Please call me at 8762162045 for more information. – Guruprasad Kurtkoti

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