Hydroponics training, consulting & Growing

#Hydroponics is a process of growing vegetables and fruits using mineral rich water and without soil


What We Do

Hands on workshops on Hydroponics

We will teach you how to get started with farming and how to succeed eventually. We provide hands-on training on Hydroponics / Soilless farming.

Register : Online Live Hydroponics Training – 3 sessions (18th Apr)

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Farm Setup and Equipments

We help you setup your farm of any scale, balconies, terrace or farm land. We supply Equipments, Grow mediums and water soluble Nutrients.

We supply fresh, poison free veggies through subscription model. Vegetables are grown using soil-less method.

For more details : 8762162045

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Why You’ll Love Us

We educate people to grow the right thing in right way. We provide Customized solutions to suit your requirements of any scale.

  • Hand holding
  • Growing together
  • Community farming
  • Plant nutrients (100% water soluble)
  • Equipments


“One of the best”

Genuinely one of the best workshops I’ve attended. Mr. Guru is an excellent instructor and very friendly. His explanation was very clear, well-structured and easy to understand. Finally i love the Food!!!!

Sapna P.


“Great support”

I got a clear direction about my dream of starting a sustainable agricultural start up. As I today harvest my second set of produce I feel very thankful to Belesiri, I wouldn’t have done it without you.

Nikki Soman


“Truth based training”

Mr Guruprasad is a very approachable person to start with has a very unconventional way of approach that is easily understood by laymen. BeLesiri is the place to learn and aproach hydrophonic farming in India. A very insightful and truth based training with no false hopes. A wonderful human and a intellectual teacher.

Vishak Nagarajan

A special video released on the occasion of Women’s day 2020

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