Guruprasad Kurtkoti trains students of St Agnes College on Hydroponics

Mangaluru, Nov 15: The departments of Botany and Chemistry, St Agnes College (Autonomous) organized a one-day workshop on Hydroponics on November 14 for the BSc students with Botany/Chemistry major in the chemistry laboratory. The main objective of the workshop was to encourage non-conventional methods of cultivation to adapt to the changing environmental conditions. This was enforcedContinue reading “Guruprasad Kurtkoti trains students of St Agnes College on Hydroponics”

How can you succeed with Hydroponics…

One of my favorite stories I listened to during my childhood was “An Old Man and his Horse”. It goes something like this…An old man was traveling to a nearby village along with his son riding on their horse that was well fed, well built, and strong enough to take challenges. Along their way they metContinue reading “How can you succeed with Hydroponics…”