Who’s Guru?

Guruprasad Kurtkoti “Guru” is passionate farmer, coach and a writer. Leaving a well paid job in United States wasn’t at all easy. However, that extreme step was to fulfill his dreams of paying forward! Guru founded Belesiri, with a focus on educating people on scientific farming techniques such as Hydroponics (aka Soil-less farming). He trained more than 900 students in less than 24 months. Most of his students were able to jump-start business and scale in no time under his assistance and guidance and also with the help of the community “Belesiri Balaga” he founded. The community model helps implement the concepts effectively and establish best practices. The objective is to help the small to medium scale farmers to find the right market and sell their produce effectively.

Guru spend his weekdays practicing natural farming at his farm land near Haveri, while his spare time is well spent writing stories and articles in leading Kannada magazines and news papers. He lives in Kodigehalli, Bengaluru with his wife and lovely daughter.  

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